Month: March 2020

March Madness wraps up spirit week at PVHS

March Madness came to an end on Friday the sixth with a bang, with period three facing off against period five; the former taking the victory. It was also the end to spirit week, which saw new and exciting themes.

The truth of what it means to be an adult

 Becoming an adult is portrayed as a biological and physical component of advancing through human life. Many developmentalists and psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud and Lawrence Kohlberg, analyzed humans and their behaviors to discover the maturation of beings, and to…

Are cell phones making teens grow horns?

By Tyler Churilla    In the modern era, cell phones are borderline essential in certain lines of work.  What isn’t essential however, is the amount of time people, specifically teenagers, spend on their mobile devices. Teenagers, on average, spend anywhere…