Coronavirus Feature

How students are handling online school routines

By Helen Seymour

   Due to being in isolation because of the COVID-19 crisis, schools have now had to switch to online learning. This has caused many changes in multiple students’ daily lives. Teachers are now using online websites, like Schoology and Zoom, to talk to and interact with their students. 

   Teachers post assignments online and hold conferences during the allotted class time. Conference times enable teachers to share an overview of the lesson and answer students’ questions. However, keeping track of what time and what days each conference is held and what assignments are due can be difficult. 

     When asked whether she made a weekly schedule to follow, Kendall Owen, a freshman at Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS), said “I follow what the normal school schedule would be and then continue working after what 7th period would be if needed.” Some students have even taken it upon themselves to create a whole new schedule for the day. Ella Cornett, a junior at PVHS, stated “I use my dot journal to note what I have to do each day.” 

     Although some students find that creating a schedule is helpful, others have chosen a different way to get their schoolwork done. Emma Gallardo, a sophomore at PVHS, said she follows a schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as that is when most of her conferences are held, but she followed on by saying “every other day I just go with the flow of everything.” Other students have used rewards as a motivation to get their work done. Gabrielle Cotto, a senior at PVHS, said she likes to wake up early, eat breakfast, and get her work done and out of the way. She continued by saying, “This is so I can relax, watch TV, and do whatever I’d like.”

   Despite the fact each person approaches this situation differently, they are all making sure they are getting their work done.

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