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On the bright side

By Chipper Jones

   Within the first few months of the new year and decade there has been quite an amount of bad news in the world recently. From the Australia fires, Kobe and Gianna Bryant, to most currently the Coronavirus, which has left most of the world in solitude and quarantine. However, despite it all there’s still some positivity in 2020 to be heard.

   John Krasinski, famous actor mostly known for his role as Jim from “The Office”, has begun a Youtube series titled ‘Some Good News’. In this series he covers local from citizens across the world and their heart-touching stories of comradery and humanity despite the current conditions of the world. For example, a local man in Maine bought 100 lobsters to support a local lobster fishing business. Then he proceeded to cook 100 lobster dinners for families in need.

   The virus has the possibility to decrease carbon emissions immensely. The amount of people staying inside, and self-quarantining has led to lower amounts of pollution and carbon emissions therefore the environment is thriving in certain areas of the world because of this. For example, the Himalayan Ranges are visible from large distances due to the less pollution. 

The Himalayas are visible from India for the first time in 30 ...

The Himalayas now visible from the Taj Mahal

Image via Esquire Middle East

   Doctors are an essential part of the plan to flatten the curve and eventually create a vaccine for COVID-19, so to show appreciation for their hard labor many have taken to applauding the people involved. Celebrities, workers, and those in quarantine take moments to clap for the staff in multiple viral videos circulating the internet. 

   Kroger, which is the United States’ largest grocer by revenue and the second largest general retailed, has announced that their hourly workers will receive a bonus for their work during the pandemic. This bonus is actually a temporary raise of two dollars premium above their standard base rate of pay. 

   Not only less pollution but more trees. An ex-coal miner has been the driving force of re-greening coal country in the Appalachian Mountain ranges. Since 2003 his project has reached success of planting 187 million trees across former coal mines. Madagascar similarly planted million seedlings into the ground on the country’s 60th birthday. Madagascar held its largest ever tree-planting ceremony. 

   In light of the pandemic many have taken to social media to inspire to never take things for granted. This new attitude from the media has emerged since graduation was taken away from 2020 seniors in many high schools including Ponte Vedra High School, which has currently chosen to hold an online graduation for its seniors. The virus has led many to now not take anything for granted because the coronavirus has shown nothing is for certain. 

Image via flickr


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