PVHS Film Festival!

By: Avery Dasher

  • Deadline: March 1st
  • must be under fifteen minutes
  • See Mr Nettle for questions

   During quarantine many found themselves spending hours watching countless movies and binging whole T.V. seasons in the short span of three days. This year, Ponte Vedra High School students have the opportunity to experience the art of film beyond the television. During the month of March, Ponte Vedra High School, under the direction of Drama teacher Jason Nettle, will hold it’s first student film festival. Students are invited to create a film of any genre to be submitted via flash drive or electronically by March 1st. Students are welcome to invite those who do not attend PVHS to participate in their films, under the condition that the director and writer attend Ponte Vedra High School. On March 26th in the school courtyard, the top five films will be featured at the film festival. Awards will be announced for the top five films.

   The films must be under fifteen minutes (and follow the school code of conduct, of course). Students may record their films on any device that is high quality, but cannot be 4K resolution (cannot have a horizontal display resolution of 4,000 pixels) since it is too big. It is suggested that students pay attention to all elements and aspects of film, such as the plot or story, acting, lighting, sound, framing, editing, and music, as each of these elements are essential to creating a well-made film.

   Though the film festival may be in March, participants and those interested are highly encouraged to begin working on their film in the near future, as creating a quality film takes time.

“We all have the potential to make our own movies and tell our stories and be as creative as possible, I would love to celebrate that and urge people to attempt it,”

Mr. Nettle

For additional information about this event, please see Mr. Nettle or any drama club officers. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of this film festival.


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