Senior scholarship opportunities

By Emma Jabbour

   As we get closer to the second semester, many seniors are looking for scholarship opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities that could possibly win a student a large amount of money. Deciding where to attend college is a big choice, and these scholarships could potentially play a part in your decision.  

   One of the best opportunities for seniors is the Bright Futures Scholarship, this scholarship applies for students attending state universities. This scholarship requires students to be a resident of the state of Florida and receive a high school diploma from either a public school in state or a Florida Department of Education private school. Bright Futures offers two different scholarships, the Florida Academic Scholars scholarship covers 100% of tuition, while the Florida Medallion Scholarship covers 75% of tuition. For Bright Futures the student must complete the 16 required courses for admission into a state university. The FMS requires a 3.00 weighted GPA and 75 hours of community service. The student also must have an ACT score of 25 and a SAT score of 1210. The FAS requires a 3.5 weighted GPA and 100 hours of community service. The applicant also must have an ACT score of 29 and a SAT score of 1330. Lastly, the student must submit the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) by August 31, after graduating high school.

   Another great scholarship is the American Legion Department of Florida Scholarships. The American Legion has been working to help meet the needs of the families of veterans. To be eligible for this scholarship you need to be of direct descant of a veteran who would have been eligible for American Legion membership. The student and parents must also be legal residents in the state of Florida. Finally, the applicant must be enrolled in a university that is U.S.-based. The rewards of this scholarship range from $500-$2,500.

   The paradigm challenge is a great opportunity that students can do either by themselves or with a group. The student(s) must come up with an original way to help solving real-life problems in communities, schools, homes, and even throughout the world. The applicant must be creative and can use inventions, videos, posters, mobile apps, community events, websites, messages, or anything else that will help save lives. In addition, the student will submit a statement that is either 140 characters or less explaining their idea. This scholarship applies for students that are up to the age of 18 and the reward is $100,000.

   The Foot Locker Scholarship is for student-athletes who are attending college in Fall 2021 for an undergraduate degree. This scholarship was made to honor the hard work and dedication of student-athletes. There will be 20 athletes selected to win $20,000. To be eligible, students must currently be involved in high school sports, community-based sports, or intramural sports. They must also have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 and be a U.S. citizen.

   All these scholarships are great opportunities for high school seniors. These scholarships could aid in where students choose to spend the next four years at college. These all offer a lot of money and are definitely something all high school seniors should apply for.  


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