An Introduction to College Majors

By Ava DePersio

   College allows people to explore what they are interested in, and learn what careers they want to pursue in the future. When thinking about college, people may start wondering what they want out of their future career. A Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS) senior said, “I want to have happiness, and be able to maintain a good lifestyle financially.” Students may want a career that can support them in various ways and allow them to not have to worry about their future. Senior Lauren Paton said, “[With my career] I would like to be able to provide for my [future] family, and not worry about being in debt.”  Some students may be undecided for their major, but may know what they want out of the career they end up choosing. “I am [currently] undecided about my major… but [out of a career] I would like to have a good balance between work life and personal life, and to be stable in what I am doing,” explained a PVHS senior. Others may see their future career as something that can provide them the finances they desire. “I would like money and fame [out of my career] and I would like [my career] to be a film director for big movies,” explained senior Alejandro Fernandez. Some hope that they do not lose interest in their future career, and hope that what they choose to do will give them fulfillment in their life. 

   Before college has started, some students have already determined what their major is, and what they want to do in the future. Some know what they want to study in college based on interests they currently have. Senior Colette Belzer explained, “I am majoring in general motion pictures, I [enjoy] making videos for fun… [and] even if I do not go into the film industry, I can still use those skills in life.” Another  PVHS senior is also influenced to choose their major based on their hobbies, and stated, “I am majoring in music education, I enjoy music and would like to dedicate my life to it.”  Some may be influenced to pick their major based on situations they have seen in the media, or what they have seen on television. “My major is criminology… I have always listened [to] crime podcasts and crime shows, and [studying this major] would be a [great] way to help others [in those types of situations],” stated senior Isabella Brinson. Paton said, “My major is criminal justice… [I picked it] because of the show Criminal Minds.” 

   Some may feel overwhelmed with choosing a major, if they do not know what interests them yet. “I do not know what I want to do, and there are many options [when choosing a major],” said a PVHS senior. Some may not have chosen a major yet, but know what they want out of a career. A PVHS senior explained, “I do not want [a career] that makes me feel unfulfilled or unhappy, I want a career that allows me to [live up to] my full potential.”  Choosing a major and knowing what to want out of a career can be challenging for people who are not in college yet, and do not know exactly what they want to study. College can be a place for people to explore various majors, and learn what they would like out of a career, and what major will best suit them. 


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