Homecoming Week Recap

Another exciting homecoming week has come and gone at Ponte Vedra High School. Here are some highlights!

Top Left: Homecoming Court (12), Left to Right: Patrick Lydon, Charlotte King, Ben Wainer, Hope Freedman, Nico Snell, Olivia Richie, Xander Gunning, Brooke Defilippis, Mark Romano, Alanah Sandoval

Top Right: Splash Dancers: Ella McCormick (12), Ainsleigh Mahan (12), Sophia Hakim (11)

Middle Right: Nico Snell (12) and Olivia Richie (12) crowned as Homecoming King and Queen

Bottom Left: Nathan Bunkosky (12) catches a pass against Orange Park

Bottom Right: Mack Leverock (12) participating in “Anything But a Backpack” Day


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