How often should you really wash your hair?

By Aspen McAdoo

There are many different types of hairstyles, but behind each one there are different ways to keep it in shape. People ask the question if they should wash their hair daily. This can be answered by many different factors. Also, some people think shampoo bottles have pointless directions saying: “Rinse, wash, and repeat.”

One thing that determines the amount of times people should was their hair is porosity, this is a measurement of the hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture. According to themanual.com, people with high porosity have drier hair, and the drier the hair the less often people should wash it. Normal porosity holds just the right amount of moisture and can go a few days without washing. Lastly, low porosity is when the hair is very shiny and protein-rich and needs washing daily.

When men are deciding on washing their hair, they factor in the hairstyle they want and how their scalp feels. At Ponte Vedra High School, 32 out of the 50 men surveyed said they wash their hair every day and 18 out of the 50 said they don’t. Ashtan Augusta, a sophomore at PVHS, said, “I like my hair to have a nice flow and when I wash it daily it takes away from my natural hair flow.” They also must account for how their hair feels. Augusta added, “At first when I stopped washing my hair and started washing it twice a week my scalp didn’t feel really good but after time it started to feel a lot better.” According to themanual.com, “Testosterone and other androgens stimulate oil glands to produce more sebum, so men typically have oilier scalp and hair, and therefor need to wash daily.”  

Now women, on the other hand, are a whole different story. Only 12 out of 55 girls at PVHS said they wash their hair every day and 43 out of 55 of them said they didn’t. Ashley Albert, a sophomore at PVHS, said, “I wash my hair everyday because of all the activities that I do and I feel like I’m dirty if I don’t wash it.” Lots of girls that are doing activities will wash their hair everyday but some don’t. Albert mentioned, “Many of my friends don’t wash their hair even after they exercise.” According to ctvnews.ca, “Shampooing strips away the natural oils the scalp produces. If you have a fines hair texture, you probably shouldn’t wait the whole week because your hair tends to become greasy more quickly and will lose its volume.” Like some men, more girls don’t want to lose their natural oils and flow.

Some shampoo bottles say “rinse, wash, and repeat” on the back of the bottle. However, according quora.com, “So by adding ‘…and repeat,’ shampoo manufacturers have effectively made two times more revenue from these customers who keep repeating.” On the other hand, according to stylecatser.com, “The second shampoo lathers and ensures that there’s nothing left over, so the hair is really clean.” The company does make more money by saying this, but it can also be more beneficial if people follow it.

There are many different theories about how often people should wash their hair. The consensus still seems to be split and just depends on what the person is looking for. Guys tend to wash more and girls tend to wash less.


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