The Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

By Foster Keebaugh

  In an era dominated by digital screens, concerns about the potential harm caused by prolonged exposure to blue light have skyrocketed. Blue light is a wavelength emitted by electronic devices connected to many health concerns such as headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. To alleviate these concerns, many blue light glasses have entered the market that claim to filter out blue light and provide relief. However, are these glasses effective or is it another internet fad that will be forgotten? 

“Personally, I notice that when I do wear them then my eyes don’t get as fatigued, and it is easier to fall asleep.” 

Corey Johnson (11)

To shed light on the topic, researchers from the Vision Science Institute of Louisiana investigated the efficacy of blue light glasses. Over six months, rigorous experiments were conducted, examining the impact of blue light glasses on eye strain, sleep quality, and overall well-being. The results showed that it is not black and white, while some of the subjects claimed that they felt better, there was no objective data to support this compared to the participants who did not use glasses. 

The results point towards a Placebo effect; however, the Placebo effect still can have a very real impact on the body even if there was no change. So, the results can be interpreted in separate ways. Most Optometrists and Ophthalmologists recommend caution against a reliance on blue light glasses, and they people should focus more on regular breaks and eye care. 

       Ponte Vedra High School student Corey Johnson owns his own pair of blue light glasses and said that “Personally, I notice that when I do wear them then my eyes don’t get as fatigued, and it is easier to fall asleep.”  Clearly some people do feel that blue light glasses help, however objective data shows no evidence. Overall, if interested blue light glasses could be a good shout to remedy eye strain and fatigue but, the best solution is to use brakes and avoid prolonged screen exposure all together. 


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