Sharkappellas look to finish on a high note

  Ponte Vedra High School offers a large number of clubs and communities to be a part of, among them are The Sharkappellas. This group of students is a competitive acapella group. Senior, Windsyr Maughan, the President of the Sharkappellas, says the Sharkappellas “is a great outlet for music & creativity at school,” especially for those who have a passion for singing.

  Windsyr chose to be a part of the PVHS acapella group because of her older brother, Staten Maughan, who was     a part of PVHS’ class of 2019. He was previously in the Sharkappellas prior to his graduation.  She’s also been singing since sixth grade with vocal coach training up until sophomore year. Her passion for singing has driven her to the president position of the Sharkappellas and to producing her cover for Lost Boy by Ruth B as well as a music video. 

   As president, she is accompanied by select students within the group to deal with executive decisions. These decisions include competition song selection and choreography. This year the group will travel to ICHSA to compete in January. 

   From her time in the group she notes how the Sharkappellas are “supportive, enthusiastic, and dynamic”, in their efforts to move the audience with their music. In the past four years as a part of the acapella group Windsyr says how she loves the group parties they have after competition as well as impromptu singing at any time. 

   Windsyr’s senior season as a Sharkappella will come to an end this year with their yearly ICHSA competitions and one last Sharkappella group party. 

   New to the Sharkappellas this year is sophomore, Lauren Patton, who sees the group as people who love what they do for the school and for each other. Lauren was previously told about the group from past members which prompted her to join the Sharkappellas. The passion for singing is something that all of the members of the group share. Windsyr sees the Sharkappellas as a second family, not just an acapella group with saying “their acceptance and love the group has for each other, everyone loves what they’re doing,” the Sharkappellas is more than just an acapella group in Windsyr’s eyes. 

   The Sharkappellas is not only a place for young and talented singers but also a place for the dedicated and hardworking. When competition season comes, the group has multiple three-hour rehearsals for choreography and singing practices after school. 

   The hard work and dedication this group of talented students puts into their art will be shown at their ICHSA competition January 25, and performances in the courtyard. 


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