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Why exercise is all the more important in college

By Evan Fleischer

   High School athletics are an essential factor in any student’s lifestyle through their four years. Whether it’s an individual sport or a group-focused sport, students choose to spend hours of practice in hopes of improving their craft. Many students also approach exercise as a personal task that doesn’t require a team setting. Either way, exercise is deemed a significant factor in one’s health and well-being, and it’s easy to incorporate exercise into every-day high school life. 

   Yet, when students move on to a higher level of education, exercise and health, in general, become much more complicated. College students are almost immediately faced with extreme amounts of schoolwork, and they find it hard to concentrate on anything other than that.

   Exercise is still a crucial factor of heath no matter what stage of life you may be in, and many college students try to find ways to create a healthy lifestyle. Florida State University Freshman, Allison Lacy, explains her college exercise routine, “Living on campus helped a lot because the walk to the gym was only about five minutes. The Leach (FSU gym) has a bunch of fitness classes like pilates, spin, and barre that my roommates and I would go to as much as possible. Going to the gym helped me to set a routine and relieve stress.” Colleges and universities often offer many options for exercise, such as gym classes and facilities on campus that are open to the students. 

“Going to the gym helped me to set a routine and relieve stress.”

-Allison Lacy

   In many cases, exercise is shown to increase academic performance. A daily exercise routine can provide a student with increased energy and focus, allowing them to boost their scholarly productivity. A study out of Michigan State University even found a correlation between exercise and higher GPAs in college students. A wide array of studies being released by health organizations and universities are all seeing a secure link between exercise and collegiate performance.  

   Though many have the dream, few get the opportunity to play in a college athletic league. As an alternative, most large universities offer a wide variety of club sports teams. Furman University Freshman, Mark Calvin, explains, “I’ve joined the rugby team and powerlifting team to keep the team dynamic, and also working out in our gym.” These club sports are perfect for the college student that is seeking more than just a gym to work out in. The club teams can create that team spirit and group work that many forget about when leaving their high school sports team. All while still providing the benefit of exercise. 

   Exercise will always be something to help you through all aspects of life. So as the future approaches, it’s important to keep exercise as a priority.

Image via FSU


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