Girls wrestling season comes to a finish

By Alice Looney

The Ponte Vedra High School Girls Weightlifting has wrapped on their 2020-2021 season. Led by their coach Mackensie Rush, the first ever female head coach in team history. The team had nine meets this season with Districts in St Augustine, with many of the girl making personal bests. The team had 4 home meets that were

“Very exhilarating for the girls”

-Coach rush

“very exhilarating for the girls,” said Coach Rush as they got to compete in their home gym. This season the team grew to twenty-nine girls whereas in the past they have only had eight girls. “One of the highlights of the season was watching people hit new maxes,” commented Junior, Gabriella Hartman.  Coach Rush stated that “learning this sport at a young age will benefit a healthy lifestyle for years to come.” Her major goal is to attract “beginners of all ability levels to give the sport a try.” This season she encouraged the team to set personal goals and gave them the confidence to meet them.


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