Boys Golf starts the season strong

By Brian Parrish

   With the first match of the year resulting in a convincing victory for the Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS) boys golf team, they are on track to reach their goal of winning their fifth straight state championship. Despite their continued experimentation with lineups, the Sharks defeated Episcopal. Senior Captain, Jack Barned, sees this as a good sign for things to come, mentioning that this win “shows the depth of the team. We can take any group of guys and be competitive.” While this win over Episcopal was convincing, Jack still believes that the team can work on certain aspects of their games. Jack mentioned that the team needs to “always make every shot count to bring the best out of ourselves.” The four lowest scores for each match combine and the lower score of the two teams come out the victor, so it’s important that all members of the team keep their scores low, as there is little room for error, a point which Jack reiterated time and again.

Always make every shot count to bring the best out of ourselves

   The boys golf team is hoping to carry the momentum of this big win to next Monday’s tournament, and come out with a win which will propel them forward along the path to their ultimate goal. The team will continue to experiment with lineups, and is hoping that they can find a good mesh to carry their team on Monday. They are working to improve not only their top players, but those that will carry the torch in the coming years as well. They are looking to improve not only their game, but also their team aspect, in an effort to reach their other major goal for this season.

    With the second big win in the books for the PVHS boys golf team, their end goal is inching closer, and they are working hard to achieve this. With expected improvement in all aspects of the game, it appears that, as of now, this season will be a success for this year’s Ponte Vedra High School boys golf team. 


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