New Field Being Constructed at Davis Park

By Ben Black

      A new development is being built outside of Ponte Vedra High School at nearby Davis Park. The expansion project, headed by St. Johns County Parks and Recreation, will consist of a new multipurpose grass field, as well as a restroom facility and parking.

   Teddy Meyer, the Parks and Recreation Facilities Manager, explained that, “the county allocated three million dollars to build on the remaining six acre parcel at the front of the property.” This area is the last part of Davis Park land able to be developed, as the rest of the park land is protected wetlands. (The Planet Swim pool is not a part of Davis Park, and is a privately owned facility.) The funds were allocated two years ago, as the population in the northern part of the county has been rapidly increasing for some time and more park space was deemed necessary.

  The field will “primarily be used by the representatives of Ponte Vedra Athletic Association,” said Meyer. The Ponte Vedra Athletic Association, or PVAA, runs many sports programs at Davis Park, such as baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and football. The PVAA was a big proponent of the project, as they will be able to use the fields for their programs. However, the new field, as with the rest of Davis Park, is a public facility that anyone can use.

   As it is a public facility, Meyer said he believes PVHS students will be able to use the parking lot of the new field. “I don’t anticipate it being any different than baseball or softball where most kids park currently,” he explained. The new field at Davis Park is scheduled to be completed in early 2022. 


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