Boys Golf Sweeps the State

By Brian Parrish

   The Ponte Vedra High School Sharks are once again the boys golf state champions. On Wednesday, the Sharks won their fifth straight state championship to continue their dominance over the state title, and achieved their season long goal. After a season which can only be described as dominant, the Sharks are once again on top, extending their streak of dominance by another year.

   The Sharks had multiple notable performances that deserve recognition, to help them close out the win, one such being junior Danny Erickson who led the Sharks at the end of the contest, shooting 74, two over par, and placing fourth in the individual competition. Junior Carson Brewer shot even on day two in an excellent showing, and also tied for fourth while junior Rohan Singh shot one under par on the first day of competition to start the competition on a high note for the Sharks. The team as a whole showed up, played excellently and got the job done to take home the championship. 

   With the victory, comes celebration and reflection, especially for senior captain Jack Barned, who commented “It felt good to carry on the tradition, and to win a state championship every year in high school.” While Jack will be moving on to another chapter in his life next year, he has faith that the team will continue their monopoly on the title of state champions next year, claiming, “We have a ton of super talented underclassmen and I have a ton of confidence that we will continue winning.” Next year’s senior class will be under pressure to continue the winning streak, but they are a talented group, and are likely favorites to win it all for the sixth time in a row.


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