The TV shows that made 2020

By Tucker Dimberg

Beth Harmon in her final match

   TV became a welcome distraction for those stuck at home during the pandemic in 2020. Many new and continuing shows drew large audiences. The Queen’s Gambit, a Netflix Original, made large headlines and brought national attention to chess, the feature point of the show. Set during the Cold War, viewers are brought through the journey of a young chess prodigy who struggles with addiction on her journey to compete with the best in the world. Queen’s Gambit highlighted the ingrained sexism in the chess world and an identity struggle many can relate with. The show’s popularity and focus on chess brought a large amount of attention to the ancient game. Chess.com, the leading website for online chess, was facing 100,000 new signups every day during the peak of the frenzy. The accessibility of the game during a worldwide pandemic allows for online tournaments to be held, showcasing the new talent.

James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter- the three greatest players of all time. Graphics by Roberto Lachner

   Another development during 2020 was the death of Alex Trebek, the beloved host of Jeopardy for the last 37 seasons due to stage four pancreatic cancer. Ken Jennings, the record holder for most consecutive games won at 74 games, took up the helm as the temporary host, as no permanent replacement has been found. This year of jeopardy history was also crowned by the Greatest of All-Time tournament that featured three of the best contestants for the show competing in a tournament. Trebek will go down as a national figure and a source of light in many generation’s mind.

    For a show where people can unwind, Outer Banks provided the teen drama to keep everyone entertained. The show focuses on a teen boy after his father goes mysteriously missing in the pursuit of a $400 million treasure, he and his friends—a group of not-so-wealthy kids nicknamed the Pogues—set out to find the gold themselves. They face several obstacles along the way, like the Kooks, the elite and wealthy teens who look to claim the money for themselves. The beautiful scenery, beautiful people, beach parties, and boat rides allow you to slip into another world. There is no better time than now to completely get lost in a new story, and Outer Banks certainly helps you forget about our current situation, even if just for a little while.


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