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Joy Kim Starts New Asian Cultural Club at PVHS

By Emma Jabbour

   Each year at Ponte Vedra High School, many new clubs are created by students. From charity-based to informative, the clubs at PVHS offer a wide array of activities for students of all interests to get involved in. This year, there are over 80 active clubs at PVHS, several of which are new. Among these new clubs, is the Asian Culture Club.  

   Joy Kim, a junior at PVHS, is the president and founder of the Asian Culture Club. She got the idea about six months ago when she was talking with senior, Jordan Rosenblum, now Vice President, about what new clubs should be started at PVHS. They thought an Asian Culture Club would be a great addition to the school since many Asian food and fashion trends are on the rise. Joy is Korean and it is something she is extremely proud of. Therefore, she was inspired to spread her culture with her peers. Joy commented, “The main objective of this club is to spread Asian culture through food, fashion, and entertainment.” For her officers, Joy picked people that she knew were responsible and dependable. She also picked people who knew a lot about Asian culture and had an interest in it.  

   Joy mentioned that the turnout at the club fair was amazing. She said, “We were so surprised with the large amount of people that signed up.” Joy was very nervous about starting the club because she was not sure how many people would be interested in joining. But after the club fair, she is so excited and cannot wait for their first meeting. Joy mentioned that what she is most excited about since starting this club is getting to educate her peers on Asian culture in so many different ways. After working on this club for many months, she is ecstatic to get the ball rolling and start gathering as a club. Although there is already a Chinese Honor Society at PVHS, the Asian Culture Club focuses more on entertainment trends while the Chinese Honor Society focuses on excelling in the Chinese language. 

“We were so surprised with the large amount of people that signed up.”- Joy Kim

   Despite the stress associated with starting any organization at school, Joy says that the process of starting her club went very well. She described it as being a “pretty smooth process.” Joy also mentioned that Megan Goyette, a Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher at PVHS, is an amazing club sponsor who was extremely helpful to them. Her main vision for this club was to help students at PVHS learn more about Asian Culture while also, “having a blast” with the activities they have in store. No events have been set in stone yet, however, Joy says that club members can definitely be prepared for an Asian Foodies Event, along with other fun and informative activities.  


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