St. Johns County Implements “Lockdown Bucket Kits”

By Landon Rogers-Neubarth

   Ponte Vedra High School, along with other schools in St. Johns county have provided each classroom with a lockdown bucket kit, better known as the “poop bucket” into classrooms this is a result of the county’s recommendation to put them in classes for usage during a potential lockdown. PVHS and the county installed these as a precaution in case of a potential threat occurring at one of these schools. The poop bucket is a Home Depot bucket with a pool noodle lining the top with a trash bag covering the opening.

   The use of these is that students would be able to defecate while staying safe during the lockdown. Vice principal Dr. Steven Sanzo said that not being able to use the bathroom was one of the major complaints the students had. Despite some students and teachers making fun of it and finding this unnecessary Dr. Sanzo believes if a serious incident occurred, students could be in classes for 3-5 hours and during this time the bathroom could be a need for some. The poop bucket is to be seen as a precaution and another implementation in case of an emergency.


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