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Student Spotlight- Kaya Martinez-Heath

By Rachel Bacchus

  Lights, camera, action! The school year has started back up, and that means it is time to anticipate the next Ponte Vedra High School (PVHS) drama department production. In the meantime, one could focus on a particular member of the drama department, who was even picked for this feature by Mr. Nettle himself, the director of the drama department. One could focus on Kaya Heath-Martinez, a senior actress in the drama department.

  Kaya began performing from an early age, as she’s enjoyed singing since the age of five. She only began her journey with acting during middle school. “She’s great,” said Mr. Nettle. “She always brings a lot of energy to class, she’s our historian, and she exudes personality that is contagious within the room.” However, she was still understandably nervous about joining the PVHS drama department. “When I first started drama, I didn’t think I’d fit in, but I’ve found some of my best friends here,” said Kaya. “It’s helped me grow confident. It’s helped the department grow as a family.” Since joining the drama department, Kaya has performed in several productions, from Sister Act during 2019, to Footloose last year. “Each show was different and taught me a different thing. Sister Act in freshman year definitely showed me to ask questions. I’d say last year helped me learn to get out of my comfort zone. It’s helped me create lasting bonds.”

  Outside of drama, Kaya has a number of hobbies. “I love hanging out with my friends, I love hanging around people who can teach me more, I love growing closer to my family and growing closer to God. I also love traveling.” Speaking of Kaya’s family, they seem to be her most avid fans. “I’m very close to my mom, my dad, and my brother; I consider them my best friends,” said Kaya. “I think I’m very lucky and I’m grateful for the home life I’ve been given. They are my biggest supporters.”

  As for the future, Kaya plans to continue acting. “I do plan on audition for 10 schools and continue acting to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and I also plan on doing singing.” Kaya didn’t start off as an extremely talented actress, but she got to where she is through drive and a desire to improve. “I think the more confident she becomes in herself, and the more she studies the arts, there’s no stopping her,” said Mr. Nettle. “To anyone hoping to get into acting, I would definitely say branch out or take the risk. If it can’t hurt you mentally or physically, then there’s no issue in trying,” said Kaya. “Get to know yourself, grow closer to those in your department. I’d say that outside of school and performing, learning to love yourself is the greatest thing you can do.”

“She always brings a lot of energy to class, she’s our historian, and she exudes personality that is contagious within the room.”

-Jason nettle


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