Sharks face defeat, injury looms

By Natalie Decker

   The Ponte Vedra High School football team suffered a loss to Bartram Trail High School on Oct. 9th, losing 33-17. Senior quarterback, Jacobi Myers, threw to senior running back, Campbell Parker, for the first touchdown connection of the game, leading the Sharks up 3-7. The Sharks defense forced a safety at the end of the second quarter, making the score 10-9 at the half, Bartram leading by one point.

   Starting the second half, Myers had 62 passing yards and 30 rushing yards before he suffered an injury to his lower leg, taking him out for the rest of the season. Sophomore, Joseph Weisner, played in as quarterback. Weisner subbed in during the third quarter and had 88 passing yards in just the second half. At the top of the fourth quarter, the Bears were up 19-9. The Sharks fumbled on a double reverse, allowing the Bears to scoop and score. In the last few minutes, Weisner threw a passing touchdown to senior receiver, Jack Polian, for the Sharks last score of the game, making the final score 33-17.


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