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The Official Bread Review

By Will Lazzara and Levi D’Amato

     Will and Levi went to the local Fresh Market and Publix to purchase the loaves of bread that would be brought into the journalism class to be reviewed. They collected a variety of spreads such as butter, goats’ butter, jelly, pepper jelly, honey, hummus, and more.  

     The bread was reviewed on several factors: taste, texture, variability in uses, dipping/spread, and accessibility in price and ease of finding it to purchase. 

The following weights are below:

Category% Of Score

     The review was well received and garnered some surprising results to what the people’s favorite type of bread was.

Bread TypeTBR (Total Bread Score)

    Sourdough bread was well received, as the reviewers were fans of the soft texture. It could be eaten with a variety of spreads, is very variable in use, and easy to purchase. It got a Total Bread Rating (TBR) of 7.87.

     Challah bread’s eggy taste was surprisingly a hit with the class, but the chewiness of the bread decremented the enjoyability of the bread. It was delicious with olive oil, but couldn’t be used and prepared with other dishes, and was difficult to find for purchase significantly reducing the total bread score. Despite its blatant issues, the Challah bread received a solid Total Bread Rating (TBR) of 7.67.

     Naan was a hit with the hummus, as the soft pita-like texture blended beautifully with the traditional middle eastern dip. Naan is commonly used in plenty of dishes throughout many cultures, but was difficult to find in the “very diverse” Ponte Vedra grocery stores. Naan received a TBR of 7.45, slightly below the median score.

     The cheesiness of the crisp crust of the Asiago bread was well received, and it was devoured within minutes. It soaked in the olive oil and butter when eaten with it creating a nice taste. However, the Asiago bread was difficult to find and was pretty expensive which negatively affected its total score. It received a TBR of 7.48.

     Surprisingly the white bread received fairly high ratings, as the variability, and amount of spreads that could be put on it was vast. It had a cheap price, so it came with a high TBR of 7.85.

     The Olive bread came through as a disappointment to the reviewers, clocking a TBR score of 6.06. The texture and dipping/spread factors were very low, although the variability had a solid score of 7.5. 

     Coming in as the most popular bread, Brioche shocked the taste buds of the reviewers. The taste was a score of 8.7, and the reviewers seemed to enjoy the sweet pastry-like bread. The variability was the only slightly low score, coming in at a 6.5. 

     Pumpernickel was largely unpopular among reviewers, with a score of 6.69. Not nice. The reviewers especially didn’t like the texture of the bread, but felt that it was good for variability purposes. 

     Ciabatta, the classic Italian bread, was fairly appreciated among reviewers. It clocked extremely solid scores, all ranging from 7 to 9. Therefore, it was largely received as the most reliable bread, as it had no failing grades in any category. 

     Very surprisingly, the Baguette came through with a whopping taste score of 9.6, although it had a very poor texture score. Finishing as the second highest TBR, the French bread was appreciated for its accessibility and largely admired by the bread reviewers. 

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